Do you know what Astral Projection is? Astral projection (AP) is definitely the aware presence inside the astral plane or fifth dimension, a dimension of nature which is beyond the three-dimensional world recognized by our physical senses. Other laws rule this place and distance and weight does not exist.

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Our very own consciousness has many capabilities which are inactive but they may be developed. Among them is the ability to get out with lucidity from the body and perform astral travel. Every single human being has many abilities which can be learned. Among them is the ability to perform astral projection where while in sleeping period we can utilize to make trips in the fifth dimension.

You can find those who are afraid of astral travel and the basis for this is the lack of knowledge on the process. Everyday we do this, but without consciousness. With the respective methods and doing the very simple exercices everyone can get it done.

The most frequent way of visiting the astral plane is while asleep: all human beings go there whilst the physical body is resting. While the body is resting, we all visit the astral dimension with our astral body, a body exactly like the physical, however made of energy, that moves with terrific speed, such as a thought, and it is able to study anything we want in the Universe..

However, we are ordinarily unaware of these processes and we are not conscious enough of remaining there. Consequently, mostly we wander through that dimension with asleep awareness, carrying out the same routines and acting as we do in daily life. Furthermore, our subconscious aspect is going to project in this dimension its wishes, its fears, or anything that would want to revive, hence our dreams. This means for us a missed opportunity since the astral dimension is really a location in which real knowledge might be mastered. In some instances, we are aware enough and we recognize that we are dreaming, or perhaps our dreams are truly vibrant and realistic. Then we can talk about this as lucid dreaming.

Astral projection is actually a step forward from lucid dreaming. Astral projection or astral travel means that we move throughout the astral dimension at will. When we are able to go away the physical body at will and enter in the astral dimension consciously, we can speak face-to-face with masters or we can acquire secret teachings and attend temples, etc. In that dimension we are able to research our own difficulties, our foreseeable future and also past times. This is a very simple and quick way to learn because there we're outside time.

Nevertheless, to obtain all that information we need to turn into practical and leave theories aside. If we seriously wish to know, ourselves, what is beyond the physical world, what is invisible from your sensory faculties, we need to learn to astral project. Some individuals may have an innate ability to astral project, but the great majority of individuals need to educate and start doing it to be able to move consciously in the astral dimension.

Astral projection techniques can be very simple and accessible to anyone inspite of their own background or earlier preparing. But, those techniques have to be practised with concentration, steadiness and strong will. If you want to watch an amazing video about Astral projection this is the link :link Astral projection video

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